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The big group picture is the Activate Leadership conference we put on for over 100 pastors, completely free for all of them!


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New Year

Hello Family,

Last year ended with a great big NLC event (twas the night before christmas eve) and it was packed out. Lots of food was donated to the Portland food bank and many lives were changed.

Josiah has been growing and growing, time got away from me and now I have a walker, talker, and a poor listener! He chooses to ignore me when I call his name and his is heading for trouble. Now that I think of it, his behavior is my fault I took a long time to really start correcting him like he understood what I was saying or at least meaning. Somewhere around 8 mos I really should have started real rules and boundaries and kept at them, and now I am working from a disadvantage.  But we are working through it and he is getting better at listening little by little.

Sweet boy is growing so fast! And thankfully not in the weight area (we have kinda leveled out there) last check up we are somewhere in the 75-80th percentile which is a good improvement from the 99th we hit shortly after we figured out the whole eating and growing thing at 4 mos.

He knows a lot of words, we seem to progress and regress as far as vocabulary goes…not sure if that is normal or not. For instance we used to say cracker (and quite clearly) and now I can’t get him to say it for the life of me. We have always been consistent with book, ball, and bird they all sound like Ba. and now ba also means water. We are learning where our nose, ears, mouth and chin are. and when he says nose it sounds like no. I am so proud of him and I get so excited when he has a new skill or word.

Josiah is still as sweet and happy as ever. We hope we can get around this year and take vacation so everyone can see him and how awesome he is doing and see how much he has grown.

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Front page of the paper today!!

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I just wrote a blog of what I’m thankful for at d. Check it out.

Here’s a video of one thing I’m thankful for…

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